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Whatever You’re Feeling Right Now, it’s OK (part 5)

So, my message is that whatever you’re feeling, it’s ok.  The situation we find ourselves in at the moment is far from normal and so if you feel that you’ve lost your sense of balance, that’s perfectly natural.  But there are things you can do to support yourself, you don’t have to do it alone, and it WILL pass.  We WILL get through this and come out the other side.

In light of that, it’s good to look at the opportunities that this ‘pause’ is offering us:

  • the chance to reconnect with ourselves and with what’s important to us
  • the chance to reflect and see if there are things we’d like to change about how we were living before, eg to spend more time with those we love and doing the things we enjoy
  • the chance to review our priorities

I’ve come across 2 very good questions to ask ourselves:

  1. What will I have learnt about myself when this is all over?
  2. How can I use this time wisely so that I don’t look back with regrets when it’s all over?  (This doesn’t have to be about doing things, it could just be about being – it’s about exploring what is right for you.)

We are the first to have ever been given this opportunity: to stop, step out of all our busy-ness, and to look back – and forward – with such a possibility of objectivity.  How might we use this to create a better world for ourselves, and for us all?

If you have any questions or comments on what I’ve shared here, or any wellbeing questions generally, please feel free to comment below or contact me.

Also, if you’d just like to connect for a chat – to hear a friendly voice or see a friendly face – then I’m very happy to share a ‘virtual coffee’ 


Credit for the Featured Image goes to the wonderful Charlie Mackesy

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