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Why is wellbeing so important?

For me the value of a supportive wellbeing practice is that it enables us to gain a deeper understanding of who we really are at the innermost core of our being, and to step more fully into this, offering us a greater sense of balance, ease, flow and joy.  It helps us to develop empathy, compassion and resilience, and gives us tools and techniques for handling the challenges that life brings.

Let me give you a couple of personal examples. 

When I was a teenager, I started having migraines.  The doctor prescribed some strong painkillers which I took daily.  This enabled me to continue going to school, but in not exploring what was behind the pain I was experiencing, I just pushed on and ended up reaching the point of burn-out, having to take over a term off school and resit the year.

I am now grateful for this experience, and the learning that it brought for me, as it led me to the work I do now.  I’m still a work in progress, but I now know that when my body nudges me, it’s much better if I give myself time to listen. 

The other day I was going about my usual routine of loading up the wheelbarrow to take food and hay up to the horses, when my back went into painful spasm.  I took a moment to connect in to my body, to relax and to listen.  I could tell that this was an important message for me to explore and seek to understand.

We’ve all had a tough year, with covid-19 and the challenges this has brought, pushing us all to be flexible to survive, in business and many other areas of our lives.  Also, the winter has been cold and the short days make caring for the horses hard work.  My back was telling me that I needed to more deeply appreciate, and address, the strains that this has been putting on me, to take time to listen, allow myself to rest, stop pushing, relax, trust, and do all I can to support myself and to ‘lighten my load’, which includes finding time for the things that light me up and ‘make my heart sing’.

For me, this is why wellbeing is important.  It’s about listening to our needs, and learning how to respond to them in supportive and uplifting ways, which in turn brings us deeper understanding and empathy for the needs of others, and a greater ability to support them in ways that help them, too, to grow.

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