Why the pandemic of fear is at least as worrying as Coronavirus itself (2)

The impact of coronavirus is therefore much more than just the possibility of catching it, and we need to remember that in most cases the symptoms are not life threatening. In fact, fear is much more contagious, as has been shown by the widespread media coverage and the empty supermarket shelves.

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I believe that the body doesn’t make mistakes, it makes the adaptations it believes it needs to make in order to feel ‘safe’.  Dis-ease is therefore not a mistake.  It’s actually part of the wellbeing process – it’s how our body either signals to us that something isn’t in balance, or how it works to move back towards that balance.

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In the Stress Phase the body is in ‘fight or flight’ and it is making the adaptations it believes it needs to make in order to survive.  These adaptations will depend on our belief system and our perception of the threat.  This is very subjective and unique to the individual, though there may be common themes that we share with others in our group, society or culture.  We need to remember that we are basically animals and that the body is quite metaphorical in its interpretation of the world around us. 

A – simplified – example might be that if we experience a stress / conflict that we feel is ‘shitty’ it will affect our intestines; and if we feel that it ‘stinks’, it will impact on our sinuses.  The cells in these tissues would increase during the Stress Phase, in order to try and deal with the issue.  When we enter the Regeneration / Restoration Phase, the body seeks to get back to balance, and so clears out the excess cells that are no longer required.  The trigger for this is when the stress / conflict is resolved, or if there is a shift of some kind.  This can result in diarrhoea and a stuffy nose respectively.

Tomorrow I’ll be looking at the Meta-perspective on Corvid-19 and the role of viruses in the wellbeing process.


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