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Why the pandemic of fear is at least as worrying as Coronavirus itself (3)

The META Conscious™ perspective on the symptoms of Covid-19 would be to consider the following:

Our bodies seek to be in harmony with the environment around them.  They actually function in synergy with bacteria, viruses and fungi, using them to support this wellbeing process. (If you’d like to know more about this, check out the book 10% Human)  For example, bacteria can help by breaking down excessive cell growth.  They can also help with the creation of scar tissue and supporting healing growth in bone.

Dr Vonderplantiz explained the role of viruses as follows:

“Viruses are not alive. They have no respiratory system or nucleus.
They are protein bodies that act like solvents.  They dissolve dead tissue.
It’s like calling a soap alive.
Viruses are like soap… they are solvents.  They exist to dissolve tissue.
Each element of the intercellular tissue has a different type of virus that is specific to dissolve that tissue when it is in trouble.  If you had one virus to dissolve everything you would have complete dissolution and death.
Viruses will not activate and dissolve healthy cells.  The only dissolve diseased and contaminated tissue.
Cells make the virus just like we make the soap.  To clean us internally.”

I believe that the situation in which we find ourselves is not a reason to panic.  On the contrary it’s an invitation to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of how our bodies work and how to better support our wellbeing – physical, mental and spiritual
  • review the things that are important to us and how we can live in alignment with these values
  • be aware and conscious in our beliefs, choices and actions
  • stay curious, open and mindful
  • explore where and how we can make choices based more on love and less on fear
  • connect with others in new and more meaningful ways
  • find ways to support the wellbeing of our environment and the planet as a whole.

In tomorrow’s post, the final one in this series, I’ll be looking at ways in which we can support ourselves, both physically and emotionally, and also some opportunities that this time is offering us.

Again, if you have any questions, or you’re feeling isolated / anxious and would like someone to talk to, please get in touch:

  • 07980 669303

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