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Why the pandemic of fear is at least as worrying as Coronavirus itself (4)

Having looked at the impact that fear can have on our wellbeing, I’d like to encourage you to do all you can to address any feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, or panic around Coronavirus and its potential impact on your health, finances, businesses, travel, etc or on that of those close to you.  There are many things that you can try, such as Yoga, breathing exercises, EFT (tapping), guided meditation, or mindfulness.  You can find lots of resources online for these and I’ll be sharing some suggestions on my Facebook page.  Another great practice is spending time outdoors in Nature.  All of these can be done by yourself, or while keeping your distance from others in order to reduce the risk of contact and spreading infection. 

I also invite you to explore ways to connect with others, as this is essential for our wellbeing.  Now that I’m working from home more, and most of my face-to-face bookings are being cancelled, creating space in my diary, I’m offering people the chance to enjoy a ‘virtual coffee’ together, either via video call (click here to book).

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If you would like to book in for a formal 1:1 wellbeing session with me, I’m very happy to work online.   (You can see more about me and my work on my website: )

I’m also happy to offer my workshops via Zoom.  Two in particular might be of interest at the moment:

  • Stop Striving – Start Thriving!, which shares tips and techniques for dealing with stress, and getting out of your headspace in order to be more grounded and centred, allowing you to make choices that are in greater alignment with the things that are important to you.

  • From Mindfulness to BEing-fulness, which has evolved from mindfulness and looks at how we can better support our balance and holistic wellbeing of Mind, Body and Spirit

* (I’m happy to offer both of these to individuals, and at a time to suit you.)

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In addition, it’s good to focus on the opportunities that this situation offers:

  • time to engage in self-care
  • time to catch up with things that often get put on hold, due to our busy lifestyles, eg housework or gardening, spending time with others, either those we live with, or -virtually – with others
  • time to pause, breathe and engage in a slower pace of life
  • time to read / study
  • to learn new ways of operating
  • to see the positive impact on pollution and how the Earth can respond so quickly to this change

For an alternative perspective on the virus from that in the media, check out this wonderful blog from a colleague of mine, Deborah Wiggins-Hay:

Time To Breathe: Potential Gifts from the Coronavirus

So, please look after yourself and do all you can to keep your sense of balance, and if you’d like to connect, or have any questions, just get in touch:

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