W·I·L·D Clan membership

Doors are open!

    • Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and / or exhausted?
    • Have you lost your sense of direction and purpose?
    • Are you tired of feeling that life is a struggle, or a constant battle just to keep going?
    • Are you wanting to step up in a way that feels right for you?
  • Are you longing to connect more deeply with your unique inner wisdom?
  • Do you long to feel a greater sense of ease and flow in your life?
  • Are you longing to find a way to take more aligned action?
  • Do you long to feel part of a community of like-minded others, exploring together how to step more fully into your Soul Self

If the answers to these questions is a heartfelt Yes!
then my W·I·L·D Clan is for you.

Tier 1: the W·I·L·D Ones

this offers a private Facebook group where I’ll be sharing:

journal prompts
to support you in developing greater
self-awareness, understanding and clarity

guided meditations
for relaxation and visioning as you begin
to step more fully into your Soul Self

self-care musings
to explore ways in which you can create the
self-care practice that works for you

sharing further thoughts on
all of the above

all for just £15.00 per month

Tier 2: the W·I·L·D Adventurers

this offers all of the above plus
the connection, community and nurturing
of a monthly Zoom call

all for just £35.00 per month.

These calls will be an opportunity for you to bring
any issues you’re facing on your journey and to receive
some mentoring, support and accountability.

The Adventurers group will be capped at 7 people
to facilitate creating and holding a safe space
and to ensure that you can receive
tailored, personal support.

If you’re reading this
feeling a tingle of excitement,
a stirring of curiosity and
a desire to be part of our community
then just click on the level
that’s right for you: