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Working with animals

For me everything is interconnected and interdependent. The wellbeing of one impacts on the wellbeing of all. And just as we humans are multi-layered beings, so too is the world around us.

This is why I believe that for us to be fully well, happy and content in our lives, it’s important for the environment in which we live to be as healthy as possible too, including:

  • any animals who share our homes
  • the wildlife around us
  • and indeed all of Nature

since, when any one of these is out of balance, it impacts on us and our wellbeing too.

Animals have very much been a part of my healing journey and, I believe, have much rich wisdom to share with us. I’m sure you’ll have experienced for yourself how animals can help us to relax, to take life less seriously and to just enjoy the moment!

This is why I’m passionate about supporting our animal friends, and the Natural world around us too. For me it’s all part and parcel of the same thing and cannot, in fact, be seen as separate from our own wellbeing.

My work with animals also feeds into what I share with the people who come to me. You can read more about this in my article on Giving Wellbeing Some Horse Power

You can find out more about my work with animals in general – and horses in particular – at the links below:

Robyn Harris in the fields at Equenergy: WILD Wellbeing with the 2 horses - Dax (a bay gelding) and 'Rika (a piebald mare)
With Dax and ‘Rika in the fields at Equenergy