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Wellbeing Harmony: Nurturing Ourselves, Animals, and Nature Together

We live in a world where everything is intertwined and interdependent. Just as we, as multi-layered beings, seek holistic wellbeing, it’s equally crucial for the environment around us to flourish. This includes our animal companions, the wildlife that shares our space, and the vast wonders of Nature. The delicate balance of this interconnected web significantly impacts our own wellbeing.

Animals, integral to my healing journey, hold profound wisdom. Their ability to instill relaxation, encourage a light-hearted approach to life, and promote living in the moment is undeniable. This is why I’m fervently dedicated to championing our animal friends and nurturing the natural world. For me, these aspects are inseparable from our own wellbeing.

Me with our family Collie, Tam – a rescue dog (early 1990’s)

My work with animals enriches the insights I share with those who come to me. Explore more in my article, “Giving Wellbeing Some Horse Power“. Dive into the specifics of my work with animals – particularly horses – through the links below:

Robyn Harris in the fields at Equenergy: WILD Wellbeing with the 2 horses - Dax (a bay gelding) and 'Rika (a piebald mare)
With Dax and ‘Rika in the fields at Equenergy