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A little of my story (3)

As I was saying yesterday, I began searching for a magic wand that would make everything better, but eventually I came to the realisation that really I am the only one who can turn things around for myself and create the life I want to live.  That changing my perceptions profoundly changes how I experience my reality, and that I get to choose my thoughts and beliefs, which in turn shape my world.

This was so liberating!  I realised that joy, freedom and wellbeing are available for me.  I just need to choose consciously and with intention.  By doing this I can create greater balance, health and happiness for myself.  I can choose my responses in every situation.  I can reframe anything I want, to see it in a more supportive and uplifting light.  I can use my self-talk to empower, motivate and inspire me.  I am free to be Me as fully as I possibly can, rather than having to live by some perception of the expectations of others.

I’ve been blessed with many great guides and mentors along the way, from books and courses, to fellow students and travellers along my journey.  For me personally, Nature and animals have been a large part of this.  They have been my ‘safe space’ when I didn’t have the words, or courage, to talk about how I was feeling, or when I just needed some quiet space to think and process.

Through all of this I have learnt so much!  It’s given me such deep compassion, both for myself and for the hurting, lost parts in all of us.  I’m now passionate about how developing a greater understanding of our response to the stress we experience – both externally and internally – impacts on our wellbeing, and also how self-forgiveness and self-care can offer us keys to healing. 

Our bodies are amazing. and they really are doing their very best for us at all times, it’s just that they, like us, can get a little derailed at times.  Having discovered the tools to get myself back on track and in the driving seat, I now love to share these with others.  Each journey is unique, but the tools are simple and adaptable.  It requires effort, sure, but it can be fun and exciting, and even little shifts have a profound effect, resulting in big improvements in how we feel.  Actually, I think that little steps are often better as they give us the chance to learn, grow and assimilate the shifts, meaning that the results are more likely to be sustainable.

Lastly just to say that this really is a journey and I’m still a work in progress! But as the African proverb says: ‘If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together. So, if any of this is resonating with you and you’d like to know more about living in alignment with Who You Really Are, then you might like to sign up for my quarterly newsletter and receive my 5 Everyday Tips to Help You Step into the Joy and Freedom of Being Your Authentic Self.  

I also invite you to join my beautiful W·I·L·D Wisdom Wellbeing tribe on Facebook where we explore more about how to step into the joy and freedom of being your authentic Self, in order to create a life of greater balance, alignment and abundance.  And if you have any comments or questions, then please feel free to reach out and connect with me:

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