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Rosie Withey – Horses as Teachers

I had just completed facilitating a 6 day programme and so I had put the day aside to rest. I was aware that I felt relaxed but lots of lovely buzzy energy going on.

I felt a lot of energy buzzing around in my head, I saw some colours, a very deep purple and some black. I noticed that my hands became very hot. Despite the washing machine humming in the background and then beeping when the cycle had come to an end, I found that I went into a very deep, relaxed state. I was aware of this because when Robyn asked me to become aware of my body at the end of the session, it took quite a while to ‘come back’ into the room!
I felt very relaxed and energised.

I continued to flow with a very gentle ease, which was permeated with a lovely energy.

It was a really enjoyable experience and allowed me time to reconnect with myself, after a long programme. Thank you very much.

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