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Animal Care
Equine Massage

Unlocking Wellbeing for Your Animal Companions

If your cherished animal is navigating health or behavioral challenges, I offer tailored wellbeing packages designed to release tensions and enhance their joy. These bespoke packages incorporate diverse energy work modalities, taking into account the animal’s lifestyle and diet.

Let’s delve into two key therapies I employ:

  1. Energy Healing: A gentle yet potent approach to address imbalances and promote holistic healing.
  2. Equine Massage: A therapeutic touch to soothe and invigorate, enhancing physical and emotional wellness.

🐾 Explore real-life transformations in my collection of Case Studies.

Together, let’s ensure your furry friend lives a full and happy life.

image shows Robyn Harris offering Reiki to a dog in a rescue centre
image shows Robyn Harris offering Reiki to a horse at HorseWorld in Bristol
photo shows Robyn Harris and a colleague offering Reiki to an Afghan hound

Elevate Your Animal Friend’s Wellbeing with Energy Work

Just as energy work brings deep relaxation and enhanced wellbeing for humans, your furry, feathered, or scaly companion can also benefit profoundly. If you, as an animal carer, have savored the peace it brings, rest assured – your beloved friend will too!

The tools I employ tap into life-force energy, inducing profound relaxation and facilitating healing on multiple levels. This makes energy work a potent therapy with no negative side effects. Animals, with their innate openness and acceptance, readily embrace this approach, unencumbered by the conditioned concerns that humans often carry.

Discover the transformative power of energy work for your cherished companions.

“Robyn will use her extensive consultation skills and knowledge of animal husbandry and environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animals and carers”

Elizabeth Whiter
Healing Animals Organisation

Unlocking Wellbeing: What to Expect in an Animal Wellbeing Session

In a typical session with your animal companion, our journey begins with understanding their unique story. I’ll gather insights into their history, current condition, and lifestyle. Together, we’ll delve into their diet, surroundings, and the factors influencing their wellbeing.

Once equipped with this knowledge, we’ll chart a course tailored to support their optimal health. If your furry friend is comfortable, we’ll commence the session, initially by sharing space and building trust. These sessions harness natural energy, promoting relaxation, revitalization, and stimulating the animal’s self-healing abilities.

Key features:

🌿 Non-invasive
🌿 Supports the immune system
🌿 Aids cell repair and detoxification
🌿 Enhances enzyme function and oxygen uptake
🌿 Facilitates nutrient absorption and wound repair
🌿 Offers pain relief and balance
🌿 Triggers the release of endorphins
🌿 Fosters a sense of overall wellbeing and calm

Join me in fostering a journey of healing and tranquility for your cherished companion.

Post-Healing Care for Your Beloved Companion

After a healing session, it’s beneficial for your animal to take it easy for the rest of the day — no long walks for dogs or rides for horses. Opt for lighter, easily digestible meals, and ensure they have access to plenty of fresh water. The effects of energy work may take up to 48 hours to fully integrate into their system.

In the case of senior or ill animals, this approach provides invaluable support, especially when facing life-limiting diagnoses. It creates a space for you both to share a special closeness, making the most of your time together during challenging periods and beyond.

For those navigating bereavement and loss with their animal companions, download my leaflet for additional support.

If you’re curious to explore a session for your animal, click the button below to connect for a no-obligation chat. Let’s embark on a conversation about your animal companion’s wellbeing.

photo shows me in the fields with the Equenergy horses.  I'm scratching Dax's back and 'Rika is standing behind him

Empower Your Horse’s Wellbeing: Workshop and Videos

Navigating any discomfort your beautiful animal is experiencing can be distressing, both emotionally and financially. That’s why I created If Horses Could Talk… , delving into the evolution of these amazing beings and how this influences their physical and emotional needs.

While the workshop is currently available only in the UK, I’ve got you covered! Explore the same invaluable content through my video series, available for purchase through my shop either individually, or as a comprehensive package – where you get the handbook and a surprise gift – for free!

Whether near or far, empower yourself to enhance your horse’s wellbeing.

(Click here or on the image to access a downloadable version of this flyer.)

Flyer for the If Horses Could Talk workshop

Curious about what’s in store for you and your equine companion? This short video provides a glimpse into the enriching content covered in this workshop / video series.

Get a Preview with Our Series Trailers!

Get a sneak peak at the content with these short trailers. Preview the enriching information that awaits you and your equine companion. Click on the links below to catch a glimpse:

Revitalize Your Horse’s Wellbeing with Equine Massage

As a qualified practitioner, I bring the therapeutic benefits of Relax HAO Equine Massage to support your horse’s journey to a state of calm. This technique utilises gentle stroking and kneading to trigger your horse’s ‘Rest and Repair‘ mode, fostering healthy digestion, recovery from illness or injury, and overall wellbeing.

Does your horse suffer from:

🔹 areas of tightness in the body
🔹 stiffness in the joints
🔹 scar tissue
🔹 loss of muscle tone
🔹 poor circulation

If so, this massage can:

✨ loosen the muscles
✨ increase joint mobility
✨ break down scar tissue
✨ enhance circulation, removing toxins and infusing vital oxygen and nutrients

Give your horse the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. Let’s embark on a journey to support their optimal health.

You can download my handy flyer here, or click on the image.

To schedule a chat, simply click the button below. Let’s connect and discuss how I can support you and your horse’s wellbeing.