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1. For you

  • Bereavement and Loss Grief is a very natural response to the loss, or even approaching loss, of something we hold dear.  This can be the death of a loved one or even losing your job, moving to a new area or just growing older.  At times like these we can benefit from a little extra support and the opportunity to explore our feelings in a safe environment.  People experience grief in different ways.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and often it doesn’t even seem logical.  Healing can help to bring perspective and a sense of calm.

2. For animals and their carers:

Robyn is one of the most authentic, caring and talented healers I have had the honour of knowing and working with over the past 4 years. She cares deeply, takes a deep pride in all that she undertakes and is very highly connected to source through her years of dedication to her own healing and re balancing. I heartily recommend Robyn for healing, both for yourself and your animal friends, she will be a source of wonderful peace, balance and harmony, what we are all searching for.
Julie Lines

Published Articles

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